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How Do The Great Kailasanantha Temple Build

 How Do The Great Kailasanantha Temple Build Follow @shivbhakti_7 on instagram - 🙏 The Kailasha temple, Ellora, that can never be built again on Earth! Kailasanatha, Ellora is the only rock cut temple in whole world where a mountain was cut out from the top to create a structure out of a single rock Archaeologists have confirmed that over 400,000 ton of rocks had to be scooped out to make this Shiva temple 5 tons of rock was removed every hour  Even today, with all modern tools, it is not possible to remove 5 tons of rock every hour Forget building this temple, one cannot even destroy it! In 1682, Aurangzeb passed an order that Kailash Shiva temple must be destroyed. Thousand soldiers were employed and they worked for 3 years but they couldn’t even tarnish the beauty of this temple Also, the temple has bridges connecting towers, rain water harvesting system, drainage system, underground passages, secret peek-holes & stairways The temple is a marvel in every
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Top 2 Delusions of Confused Hindus

Delusions of A Confused Hindu Follow @desiprism on Instagram:- 🙏 Credit to - @desiprism Follow @desiprism on Instagram:- 🙏 You may like -  The Story Of Gajendra Moksha Stotra - Philosophical and Spritual Significance Of Ramayana  - THE BRAHMAN WARRIOR WHO PROTECTED SANATAN DHARMA  -

The Story of Adi Shanakaracharya

The Story of Adi Shanakaracharya  अष्टवर्षे चतुर्वेदी द्वादशे सर्वशास्त्रवित्। षोडशे कृतवान् भाष्यं द्वात्रिंशे मुनिरभ्यगात्॥ “At eight, a master of four Vedas At twelve, a professor of all sastras, At sixteen, an interpreter and commentator At thirty two, a great sage.” Adi Shankaracharya decided to take sanyas. Her mother refused. Shankaracharya once while bathing in river crocodile catches him and her mother doesn't know what to do. Adi Shankara said once she gave permission crocodile will leave him. She gave permission and crocodile left him. Shankaracharya gave a major insight into how Buddhism is different from that of Hinduism. He stated that Hinduism supports and accepts the concept of Atman which means soul or self exists. Buddhism believes that there is no self or soul. As per Skanda puran, shiv puran and other scriptures he is known to be avataar of Bhagwan Shiva. . You might like: Classification of Hindu   Scriptures:

16 Adornments सोलह श्रृंगार (Solah Shringar)

 Meaning"Solah Shringar" is made of two hindi words: 'Solah' and 'Shringar'. The word 'Solah' means 'sixteen' and the meaning of 'Shringar' is 'Adornments.  'Solah Shringar' corresponds to the 16 phases of the moon which are linked to a woman's menstrual cycle. This has a negative effect on a woman's physical and mental wellness. Our ancient sages believed that these effects could be nullified by wearing the 16 items of cosmetic and jewelry. . . You might like: Classification of Hindu   Scriptures: When a devotee offered a meat's offerings to Shivaling  : The story of Gajendra Moksha Stotra: Dance: In Hindu Civilization :  https://sanatancharacters.blo

Significance of The Choice of Morality - Part 2

Significance of The Choice of Morality -  Part 2 (Liberalism Destroyed) In the previous post we understood the different types of attractions, one which is based on different cultures and external factors, and association. Like attraction to liquor or certain foods is different within various cultures and also subjective to each individual and is influenced by external factors. But attraction to a woman's body parts, specifically the chest and bottom, is an involuntary process, which isn't culture specific, its common to males in general. The consequences are harmful to both genders was also discussed. And why Consent cannot be a determining factor towards morality. Further on the same path, let us consider through few examples. The liberal ideology is based freedom of choice, consent, and accessibility of individual rights. But what if the individual rights and choices clash with rights and choices of other individuals? Let us understand through a few examples. Consider a man

Significance Of The Choice Of Morality

  Significance of The Choice of Morality -  Consent or choice   is not  a valid parameter to determine morality . Consent maybe important where it is not harmful to the self, and others, and is beneficial to the self and others. Consent choice etc is hence subject to morality, a moral choice will lead to Moral action . Immoral choices will lead to immoral action . Determining morality based on consent will not lead you anywhere. Drugs Alcohol etc may not be harmful to others but it is ti the self, if many individuals start indulging in such harmful acts, it will eventually lead to forming such culture and harm society as a whole. For eg, in our country Adultery also isn't considered an offence because it is with consent . So it's non-punishable . But this destroys marriages, creates dissatisfaction and unhapiness , and we go back to living like savages, doing whatever we want.  . Dharma is what is beneficial to self others and that which sustains society, or else there