DAY 1 of NAVARATRI 2021 :- Maa Shailaputri

DAY 1 of NAVARATRI 2021 :- Maa Shailaputri

 DAY 1 of NAVARATRI 2021 :- Maa Shailaputri

DAY 1 of NAVARATRI 2021 :- Maa Shailaputri is a manifestation of the Hindu goddess Durga and is one of the first Navadurga.

In her previous birth, the Goddess was born to king Daksha and Prasuti. In this form, her name was Sati, and was very much devoted to Shiva and in love with him. King Daksha was against this love but his wife Prasuti arranged Shiva and Sati's marriage. After the marriage Rati leaved happily with Shiva in Kailash. Meanwhile king Daksha arranged a huge fire-sacfrice (Yagna) where everyone was invited except Shiva-Sati.

Even though Shiva advised not to go but Sati out of parental bond made Sati ignore social etiquette. She went to the Yagna alone. On reaching there, king Daksha started insulting Shiva to that extend that made Sati realised her mistake of coming to the Yagna. Sati unable to hear any further, immolated herself in the sacrificial fire.

Later on the Goddess took birth again in the house of king Himavan and Menavati who were ardent devotee of Shiva. In this form her name was Parvati and later got married to Shiva.

Now from being Parvati to Mata Shailputri has a story behind it. It was the time when Devi Parvati was a teenager. Once Devi Parvati along with her friends where playing something like Hide and Seek in the grasslands near the Himalayan. It was her turn to seek her friends in the woods when she saw a river Varuna filled with lotus flowers. It was so mesmerizing that she wanted to pick a flower from the river when suddenly a cow came mooing to her as if she was in great pain and wanted help from Devi Parvati. The cow took her to a nearby site and what she saw was horrified. There were skeletons of many cows freshly eaten by someone. To know what had happened Devi Parvati kept her hands on the cow's head. Then she got to know that Tarika (sister of demon Tarkasur) had come on earth to kill the new form of Devi Adishakti i.e., Devi Parvati. Devi was a threat to Tarkasur as her and Mahadev Shiva's son was a threat for his life. When Tarika reached earth she saw the cows grazing in the grassland and found it a delicious treat.

After this incident king Himavan named Devi Parvati as Mata Shailputri and in this form of Devi has a golden crown on her head, Trishul in the right hand, Lotus on the left hand, has a crescent moom on her forehead and rides on the cow Nandi standing behind her. This is the first form of Devi Parvati after coming to life so it is celebrated on the first day of Navratri.

After this incident Devi Shailputri gave boon to the cows that from that day onwards the cow will also be a universal mother of all the creatures and killing a cow will be next to Brahmahatya (the ultimate massacre).

So she started having cows one after another. When the cowherd realised that the number of cows were decreasing he started investing which lead to his dead also.

After getting to know all these Devi Parvati decided to fight against the demoness Tarika and took the form of a Shail (a small mountain of 10-15 feet). The cow hid behind the structure and started mooing which attracted the demoness. Tarika arrived there and tried to fetch the cow but it wasn't possible as the Shail move from one side to another.

On the other hand king Himavan, Parvati's friends and some villagers also arrived at the place. Seeing the situation king Himavan raised his sword to kill Tarika when suddenly the Shaila started bursting.. Devi Parvati came out in her true form with a golden crown on her head and a Trishul on her right hand. Tarika became furious and was about to attack Devi Parvati. Devi Parvati lifted her Trishul and threw on Tarika and killed her. The cow ran towards the river picked one lotus and gave it to Devi Parvati..