DAY 8 of NAVRATRI :- 

Mahagauri Devi
is the eighth aspect of the Hindu goddess Durga and is the eighth Navadurga. It falls on the MahaAshtami Tithi which is celebrated as Durgashtami. She has the power to fulfill all the desires of her devotees and get relief from all their sufferings in life.

The name "Mahagauri" means extremely white, as she is very fair, very white in colour and very beautiful.

Actually there are two stories associated with Mahagauri

Parvati made up her mind to perform a penance on advice of Sage Narada Muni so that she gets Lord Shiva as her husband. Hence she left the comfort of her palace and started living in the forest performing penance for many years braved heat, cold, rains, drought and terrible storms. At this condition her body was covered with dust, soil and leaves turning her skin blackish. At last, Lord Shiva appeared before Parvati and accepted to marry her. He bathed her vigorously by the holy waters of the Ganga emanating from his matted hair. The scared holy waters of Ganga washed all her dirt and she became white complexioned and glorious and hence Parvati came to be known as Mahagauri.

The second story goes as One day in the Kailash mountains, after the Kalaratri avatar of Goddess Durga Lord Shiva started teasing her. However Maa Parvati didn't find it funny and left for an isolated place in the forest and performed severe penance to Lord Brahma so that she can get rid of her dark complexion and gain her originally complexion. She continued the penance for years and finally Lord Brahma have her the boon and advised her to go to the Manasarovar river and take a bath to gain her originally complexion. When Parvati came out from the Manasarovar river all of her dark skin was washed off entirely and came out as a beautiful golden women wearing white garments and apparels.

Mahagauri has four arms. Her right arm is in the pose of a playing fear and right lower hand holds a trident. She holds a tambourine in her left upper arm and the lower arm is in the form of Abhay mudra. She rides in a white bull.

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