How 100 Kauravas Were Born 

Is It Possible To Have 100 Children Now?

How 100 Kauravas Were Born

* The Kauravas were the 100 sons of the King and Queen of Hastinapura - Dhritarashtra and Gandhari.

* The reason behind them to be called as Kauravas were because of their lineage of Dhritarashtra's ancestor Kuru - the dynamic king of the world.

* Pandavas were also the Kauravas but they choose to be called as Pandavas since their father King Pandu couldn't continue his kingship due to a curse.

The story of 100 sons being born almost at the same time :

* Sage Dwaipayana was a dark complexion and incomparable merit men who once visited Hastinapura. Gandhari looked after the requirements and comfort of the Sage at which Sage Dwaipayana was impressed and offer her a boon to have 100 sons with equal mighty.

* Gandhari got pregnant but to everyone's suprise her pregnancy continued as long for two years. In between, Kunti wife of Pandu gave birth to a son named Yudhisthira.

* Gandhari become very furious and started hitting her abdomen hard. Soon after that she delivered a lump of mass which horrified everyone.

*Then according to the advice of Sage Dwaipayana, the lump of mass was cut into 99 different pieces and kept in 99 different pots each filled with clarified butter and waited. On Gandhari request to have a daughter, 99 pieces were cut into 100 pieces.

* Finally after the wait of almost two years the boon was fulfilled and Duryodhana was born followed by his 99 brothers and 1 sister Dussala.

Today's Science behind the born of 100 children - 

So now this technique in modern day science is called "Stem Cell Technology" where a single foetus was broken into 101 pieces by Sage Dwaipayana, carefully loaded into small pots (modern day test tubes).

According to the description given in Mahabharata "They not only knew about test -tube babies and embryo splitting but also had the technology to grow human foetuses outside the body of a women." Hence the stories in Mahabharata are not just myth or magic but pure science and we understand that.

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