Chakravyuh | Padmavyuha The Biggest Secrets

Chakravyuh / Padmavyuha The Biggest Secrets
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 Chakravyuh | Padmavyuha The Biggest Secrets: chakravyuh" is one of the most difficult war strategies used in the MAHABHARATA 

In order to assassinate the pandavas, Dronacharya utilizes all the knowledge... He garnered through his experience to plot chakravyuh..

Although chakravyuh plotted to excite pandavas, Abhimanyu gets caught in it, fights courageously and dies ...

Many of us know just about chakravyuh in kurukshetra 


Apart from that how many other war strategies are there ?

  • How does Abhimanyu know to enter in it ?
  • What's the logic behind entering chakravyuh ?
  • Who is responsible for abhimanyu's death ?


Come on let's go to the kurukshetra war episode once 

Chakravyuh / Padmavyuha The Biggest Secrets
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What is Vyuham or vyuh or vyuha

Vyuhasastra experts describe vyuham as a method of formulating an eminent strategy for an army     

Vyuham is more use ful when one's army is smaller than the opponent's army at any point of time during the war  

The strategy must be built in such a way that in case the strength of army is more with the tightly woven procedure, it can be expanded to minimalize loss of life and achieve victory...

Types of Vyuham

At that time of kurukshetra many strategies have been prepared ..such as Krouncha,Garuda,Karmasakata,Soochi,Syena,Vajra,Achala,Sarvathobhadra,Mandalardha,Srungataka..If some of these strategies are used to blow opponents,others are used to save themselves up.  

Chakravyuh is the most difficult strategy in the 18-day long run terrific kurukhestra war.it is also known as Chakravyuh or Padmavyuh .

How does Abhimanyu know to enter chakravyuh ? Many of you know about it already...

Abhimanyu Learning About Chakravyuh straight from Subhadra Womb

Once upon a time, ShriKrishna told subhadra that out of all strategies, chakravyuh is most difficult one ...He explained to her how to enter chakravyuh,how to fight skillfully on entering it..

Abhimanyu ,who is in subhadra's womb heard and understood this ... Although, Arjuna didn't tell her on how to get out of chakravyuh as he stopped his explanation by seeing her asleep ... 

Abhimanyu fought fearlessly by entering chakravyuh ,but unable to get out of it, lost his life...

Abhimanyu and Chakravyuh

Everybody almost knows about it..But, let us now find how proficiency Abhimanyu entered chakravyuh, Why can't pandavas who came along with him were unable to help him.....It is estimated that chakravyuh is built with 7 zones with a slight opening on one side ....

Generally, anyone tries to enter chakravyuh from the opened side ..By killing the enemies and by revolving around the zones,one can reach the center..By doin this , reaching the target will take along time..There is a danger that one can be exhausted before reaching the center..

In the meanwhile, the enemies might attack and kill as well..It is easy to reach the target by amputating the zones...In order to go inside, one needs to kill the opponent in front..

By doin this, the position of killed soldier will be filled up by another soldier next to him..That means soon after Abhimanyu enters in, another soldier fulfills the gap created to prevent others coming in a rescue of Abhimanyu entering in.

It is the plan of Dronacharya to make Abhimanyu alone and kill him.

Abhimanyu who learned how to enter padmavyuh in his mother's womb chose a new method to avoid Dronacharya's well-thought plot.

He started killing the soldiers on both sides of the soldier in front.

He is going inside by killing soldiers..By doin this,a large gap will be created so that there is a chance that pandavas who are accompanying him ( yudhisthira Bheema, Nakul,Sahadev) can enter Padmavyuh fast and escort him..

He does that in order to gain victory on kauravas.

Although Abhimanyu managed to enter using this method, the pandavas escorting him failed to enter.

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