Significance of The Choice of Morality - 

Part 2 (Liberalism Destroyed)

In the previous post we understood the different types of attractions, one which is based on different cultures and external factors, and association. Like attraction to liquor or certain foods is different within various cultures and also subjective to each individual and is influenced by external factors.

But attraction to a woman's body parts, specifically the chest and bottom, is an involuntary process, which isn't culture specific, its common to males in general. The consequences are harmful to both genders was also discussed. And why Consent cannot be a determining factor towards morality.

Further on the same path, let us consider through few examples. The liberal ideology is based freedom of choice, consent, and accessibility of individual rights. But what if the individual rights and choices clash with rights and choices of other individuals? Let us understand through a few examples.

Consider a man who wishes to smoke, but he isn't in a private area but in some public park. Most of the ppl in the park are non-smokers. The man who wishes to smoke will now make maximum people forcefully bare his accessibility to his individual right and choice. As they are uncomfortable, they will ask him to stop smoking or smoke in another area. This leads to regular clashes and makes the park authorities put up a no smoking board.

Just because one person wishes to smoke, there is no need for others to feel uncomfortable and tolerate that. If he is still allowed to do this, it will violate the individual rights of other ppl who are forcibly asked to tolerate something which they don't want to. If 1 individual's right is defended over others', it implies inequality. As you are giving importance to only 1 person's choice while neglecting the others.

Another example would be of Dahej. What if there is mutual consent between the two families and the bride and groom, without any harm to each other or anyone else. We should ask the liberal now, would he still support Dahej? No. His view of Morality would say it is Patriarchal, so should be considered as illegal. But he will support adultery justifying it through consent of the woman and the cheater male. It maybe a valid ground for divorce but shouldnt be illegal.

Where it is convinient to him, he will determine Morality through individual rights and consent. Where it isn't, he will justify violation of individual rights due to his version of Moral Values.

So the eventual conclusion is that, consent and individual choice doesn't determine Morality, so if a woman wants to roam indecently, she may do it in her private place. In a public place, she should maintain public decorum. If it is making others uncomfortable, she should stop.

The inappropriate dressing will definitely create involuntarily response in males and give unwanted/wanted attention. Getting such type of attention creates urges inside man and woman both, the mind keeps thinking about sense-gratification and sexual pleasure. Such temporary pleasure never leads to satisfaction, and hence creates a dissatisfied society. Man and Woman both will keep craving for such pleasure, and the consumption of such pleasure doesn't satisfy the urge, but increases it further. Diverting the sexual energy in only 1 partner reduces the urge and also satisfies one's needs. This is proven through experiment, the Coolidge effect, you can google.

Just because you want to do something the way you like, it is not any societal obligation to accept you the way you want. Why should the entire society change itself just to accomodate one individual's choice? You cannot argue it doesn't harm society, because it does. Even self-harm is eventually harm to society. Eg, the serious problem of obesity in America. Many ppl start eating junk, harming themselves and slowly a society of obesity issues is created. Harm on inanimate objects also went unregulated and hence deforestation issues have affected the globe.

Few things may not harm immediately.  But once it becomes normalized and part of the societal culture it becomes too late to take back things to normal. Regulation of individual choices is hence required. The choice is no parameter to Morality, choice has to be regulated and trained based on what is moral and immoral. Moral choices would lead to moral actions and vice versa.

An entire society just engaged in sense-gratification, ie fulfillment of sense-desires, caring only for the self, educating for earning, earning to eat sleep, and spend, families start breaking, dissatisfaction increases, depression increases, people become more and more isolated, mistrust and deceit increases and the society as a whole is doomed. Better we realize soon how "Progressive" Modern Morality is and where it will head us.

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