From the Hindu Epic of "The Mahabharata" we can see that The king of Panchala Drupada after been defeated by the Pandava prince Arjuna on behalf of their guru Dronacharya took half of King Drupada's kingdom. 

And so King Drupada decided to perform a fire-sacfrice (Yajna) to obtain a son to revenge Dronacharya. Hence Dhrishtadyumna was the son born from the yajna. And the daughter born from the yajna was Princess Draupadi-who never had any childhood..

One person with many NAMES and different STORIES.. from the great epic MAHABHARATA.

Different names of Draupadi.

* Krishnaa - She was dark skinned.

* Draupadi - Daughter of king Drupada.

* Yagnaseni - Born out of Fire of a Yagna.

* Parshati - Granddaughter of Parshata.

* Panchali - Princess of Panchala Kingdom.

* Nityayuvani - One who is forever youthful.

* Malini - One who makes beautiful garlands.

* Yojanagandha - One whose fragrance could be felt from miles.

* Mahabharathi - Wife of five Pandavas who were descendants of king Bharata.

Hope everyone liked reading Draupadi's different names and the different stories associated with it.

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