DAY 7 of NAVRATRI :- 

Kalaratri Deviis the seventh aspect of the Hindu Goddess Durga and is the seventh Navadurga. Kalaratri Devi is considered as one of the most destructive form of Maa Durga. She is believed to be the destroyer of all demons, ghosts, evil spirits and negative energies.

She is also known as Shubhamkari, Kali, Bhadrakali and Mahakali which means auspicious or doing good in Sanskrit. She is believed to shower auspicious results to her devotees making them fearless.

It so happened that two demons named Shumbha and Nishumbha attacked the Devas. When the Devas couldn't resist anymore they along with Indra went to Kailash to seek help from Lord Shiva. Goddess Parvati heard their prayers while she was bathing and so created Chandi to assists the Devas

When Chandi reached the battlefield, she removed her golden skin and created Krishna (dark-shinned) which was known as Kalaratri. She killed the commanders named Chanda and Munda from the Asuras's side.

Then Raktabija appeared before her who has got the boon that if any drop of his blood fell onto the ground, a clone of him would be created. Hence when Kalaratri killed him she drink his blood not allowing it to fell on the ground.

And then Kalaratri killed Shumbha and Nishumbha. After that she became so furious that whoever came in front of her she used to killed everyone.

Hence Lord Shiva appeared and lied down in the ground. When she stepped him she got shocked and her tongue came out which is the idol everyone worshipped. Finally her anger vanished and she help her husband Shiva to stand up.

Significance of Maa Kalaratri :- 

After the end of the historically battle Mahabharata when Kauravas where defeated by the Pandavas.. Ashwatthama couldn't except their defeat nor the way his father Drona was killed. So by going against the rules of the war he entered the Pandavas side killing everyone who was sleeping which includes the Upapandavas and Drishtadyumna. At this time Maa Kalaratri appeared representing and personifing the horrors of war laying its unpleasantness to bare.

Maa Kalaratri has four arms that holds a cleaver and a sabre in her two hands. While the other two hands are always in Abhay mudra to grant blessings and protection to her devotees. She has three round protruding eyes with long tousled hair. She exhaled flames through her nostrils while breathing and depict her immense strength. This seventh day is eagerly waited by Sadhus and Tantriks for siddhis, knowledge, power and wealth. It is believed that sweets made from Jaggery are distributed on this day.