Vedic Rashmi Theory or String Theory by Vedic Scientist Acharya Agnivrat

How our universe originated ? What is fundamental material cause of this universe. When it was formed and why it exist ? What was the initial state of our universe ? For most of such question you can get help from modern theories of universe. But..... One Question... ! Even modern theories find it to be most difficult. and that question is - What was the initial state of our universe ? But... wait.. Do you know ? A new theory is decoded from Vedas - Vedic Rashmi Theory or String Theory.

Vedic Rashmi Theory or String Theory in vedas

Which not only talk about initial state of our universe. Rather it can answer all those questions; Which are trouble for revolutionary scientists today. Currently, Most of the scientist of world accept Big Bang theory to be the best explanation about evolution of universe. On the other hand, they see string theory in a doubtful manner. Scientist doubt on the basic idea of string theory that after breaking apart matter at subtlest level matter can exist only as vibrating entities that means everything is vibration.

Where most of the scientist doubt this; Vedic physics accept this idea to be true. Where Vedic Physics accept this basic idea of Vedic Rashmi Theory or String theory. It also completely deny other speculation of string theory such as 10 dimentions, Brane Theory.

Vedic Rashmi Theory or String Theory

Before we begin to know Vedic Rashmi Theory let us tell you, it contains all true facts of modern scientific theory. But it lacks in errors of modern theories. That is why it is a unified theory of universe which has enough potential to unify all true concept of modern theories. So Welcome to unified theory of universe - Vedic Rashmi Theory or String Theory.

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Vedic Rashmi Theory or String Theory by Vedic Scientist Acharya Agnivrat

Vedic Scientist Acharya Agnivrat Naishthik

If somehow you can break apart matter further, You will find different type of stages of matter. Initially you will find matter in molecular form. Later you will see atomic state where matter exist in form of atoms only. Further if go on, the same matter exist in electron, proton and neutron. After that we find quark and if we go further, we will also find such a state where particle form doesn't exist. Here matter only exist as Vibration as vibrating entity.

Strings or Vibrations

For vibration there must be a medium. So if we go further, we will find that medium which is responsible for these very subtle vibrations. After that we also find more subtle state of matter. If we go more further we find "Akash Tatva" and after that "Manastatva". After "Manastatva" , we find another subtle medium "Ahankar Tatva". Hence our journey into the matter ends in final state of matter called "Prakriti".

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Prakriti : The initial state of Universe

Prakriti : The initial state of Universe

The initial state of our universe exist in form of "Prakriti". That means initially the whole universe was spreaded in infinite vacuum space in its fundamental form of Prakriti. That momment temperature was absolute zero, Infinite darkness were there. Both mass and energy were zero in the infinite "vacuum space". There was no force, means zero force existed everywhere. Both known and unknown forces doesn't exist at that moment. There was no motion, even infinitesimal motion doesn't exist, universe is in complete rest state. There was no sound and that moment "kaal means time" was in its latent state.

How Does This Initial stage Feel Like?

The initial state was such a state that feels like nothingness. Just imagine the state of nothingness such was the initial state of universe.

BUT... in reality.. there was something. I mean our universe was not "zero" instead it only seems to be zero or nothingness. Because the basic fundamental properties of fundamental matter were in sleeping mode at that moment, it called as "Sushupti" state.

Example to Understand This Stage of Universe

Suppose If there are lots of little babies are sleeping in a room. Then you cannot predict different behavior of all those babies. BUT when these babies wake up you can easily notice their different behavior.

Matter exist in sleeping mode in beginning of this universe and that is Natural state of matter. That's the reason this state is called as "Prakriti" which means "Natural".

It simply means matter exist in its natural form in the beginning and after destruction of universe. It will attain this same natural state again. That means when whole universe will get destroyed. The universe dissolve in itself from all direction.

The End of The Universe

The End of The Universe

If you can see the end of universe; you will feel that universe swallowed itself , so that is the initial state of universe , to which you can imagine like nothingness, BUT It is not "nothingness".

In the view of Greatest Vedic Scientist Mahadev Shiva, Maharshi Bramha and Bhagvan Manu termed this state as "Avyakt" means cannot be known completely.

Because is such state the fundamental properties are in sleeping mode.

for example

We cannot define individual value of zero divided by zero

We cannot define individual value of zero divided by zero

The same way this state cannot be defined. One cannot do special argument on this natural state. Now, from this state how universe came into existence in such a state Vedic Rashmi Theory states god is necessary. Omniscient god who is everywhere; breaks the equilibrium state of this prakriti state.

When equillibrium state of three basic properties of Prakriti Breaks

In that moment , in the whole "infinite vacuum space" everywhere at the same moment , a subtlest vibration appears called OM RASHMI. This subtlest vibration "om rashmi" is an awaken form of TIME or KAAL Tatva.

Om Rashmi

Omniscient god breaks equilibrium state of matter which awakens "Kaal" or Time.

The om rashmi or kaal tatva further creates another subtlest vibration inside prakriti. Due to which other properties of prakriti also awakens slowly. This fundamental form of matter "prakriti" starts changing into different forms. Like an apple from a rotten state to ripe one.

Prakriti state first changes in "Mahat Tatva" stage, "Mahat Tatva" to "Ahankar" State , Ahankar to "Manas Tatva" state. From Manas Tatva , It changes into "Akash Tatva". All such changes took place in millions of years.

Spacetime in Vedic Rashmi Theory or String Theory

String Theory

This Akash Tatva is nothing BUT Space itself which is responsible for Gravity. Which is termed as "Spacetime" in Modern Scientific point of view. After the formation of "Akash Tatva" Several specific type of Chhand Rashmi (Vibrating entities) forms inside it; like formation of waves in a calm ocean. There exist subtle waves inside the bigger one.

Similarly , In Akash Tatva wave like smallest vibrating entities called as Chhand Rashmi forms inside it. In all these Macro Rashmies(vibrating entities or strings). Subtlest Rashmi "om" or "Kaal-TIME" resides inside these macro rashmies. In a similar way where heat resided in a hot iron rod.

How universe is controlled according to Vedic Rashmi Theory or String Theory

Om Rashmi That Controls The Universe

The Subtlest Rashmi - Om - Controls all these Macro Rashmies. After That "Vaayu Tatva" Forms. After formation of Vaayu Tatva "Agni Tatva" Forms. Which include photons, EM Waves , charge etc. After That cosmic cloud forms and after this Jal Tatva Form means ionic state forms and after that Prithvi Tatva forms which includes Molecular state.

Planets and Their Orbits

Planets and Their Orbits

Planets and Stars forms out of this cosmic cloud. Which again takes millions of years. After formation of planets nuclear fusion starts inside stars.

After that , The planets which starts moving arround their stars. Their orbit settles after some particular revolution. Means when any planet start moving around its stars. Initially its orbit is fluctuated. It continuously deviate while moving in its orbital path. So here vedic theory gives a new discovery that when any planet forms; it has to settle its orbital path by removing deviation.

Vedic Theory give a universal rule that every planet takes 60 revolution to settle their orbital path.

So this is how universe born.

Conclusion of Vedic Rashmi Theory or String Theory

The subtlest Rashmi "Om" which is nothing but "KAAL" Controls every rule of universe and god is more subtle than KAAL , He controls KAAL in an inspirational way.

How all this happen , Let us understand carefully observe this Video.

In this video a person apply a little inspirational force to a smallest block with a tip of pen and further under a chain reaction bigger block fall down like this way GOD inspires the KAAL or TIME and further like a chain reaction from subtle to macro level.

All action of material universe governedand will continue to be governed till the end of universe.

As per Vedic Rashmi Theory or String Theory. The cycle of creation and destruction is beginning-less and endless like day before night and night before day. Similarly since eternity creation and destruction of universe is happening. This cycle is beginning-less.

So friends this is vedic rashmi theory or String Theory which is decoded by Vedic Scientist Acharya Agnivrat.

It took him 10 years decoding Vedas and for the first it was presented in a scientific conference of BHU Varanasi.

What you all think about this theory. Please let us know in the comment section.

I will be with you in an another interesting , Till Then Namaste.

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